Sacred Grammar #3: *


Refers to the star a person becomes when they live a life and become the center point of a collection of people and experiences that make them who they are.

It can be described as simply who and what they pull together to become something new.

For example:

“All the photos on your hard drive, anyone you’ve ever touched, with a hand or a word, your feelings, the sky and the ocean, you are the * that binds them all together.”



I’ve never heard of it

But it’s got the strange sound new words have

Like Osama Bin Laden

And you learn the way it sounds

So you can say it often

Because you know you’ll need to

When everyone gets together

To solve the country’s problems

From the comfort of our MacBooks


From my forthcoming collection of poems about growing up and living in South Africa.  

Stare Straight Ahead

I know you have problems son

But today I’m staring straight ahead

I’ve been practicing my whole life

And soon I’ll be able to see forever

Don’t wash my windscreen

Don’t try and tell me a joke

Don’t juggle balls

Just don’t

I’m perfecting staring straight ahead

One day, I’ll be able to see the other side of you



Amongst other things, I’m working on a book of poetry about growing up in South Africa. This is one of the new poems. 


Sacred Grammar #2: Ó


Indicates shock and surprise at how important someone or something has become to your life at the point at which they or it are no longer there. 

For example: 

“Ó… when are you coming back?” 


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Sacred Grammar #1: Î



Used to mark a sentence that neither starts nor ends, or to indicate possession of the sun, moon and stars. 


For example


“I will wait for you hereΔ


Quotes From Work, Pictures From The Internet #2