It’s been a while

But I still remember the way

Your brother turned away

At the funeral

As if there was somewhere to look

That didn’t hurt.


A Water Cooler Somewhere In Hell

“If you make me sick, please don’t make me better”

Is a bumper sticker, you would do well in the bumper sticker industry

You could become head of bumper sticker technology

And one day, while you’re all laughing at the water cooler

At your jobs at the bumper sticker factory

You’ll turn to the guy next to you, drinking coffee

In your striped and collared shirts

Laughing, slapping each other’s backs and one of

You, one of you will say

“You know, I bet many people scream with their last breath

‘I’ll tell the truth tomorrow.'”

And all of you will entirely deserve the awkward silence that follows.