I grew a beard

So I see your face every now and again in the mirror 

I haven’t started talking to it yet but 

Every time I fix a scratch on my car, I find another one 

And I like to think you’d say 

“Well that’s life isn’t it, might as well be happy” 

Because that’s the sort of stupid, warm, heartfelt thing you’d just say.


800 Secret Prayers In Tuam

They found the bodies of 800 babies

In a septic tank at an Irish home for unwed mothers

Their only gravestone was

A news story in the Washington Post

No word on whether or not

A fog of last breaths

Lit the air each morning

Seeping out of the wet ground

Something read over morning coffee

And I cannot help but think

I said the words “starlit distant ocean”

In a memorial poem for my wife’s mother

And I said the words “How dare you pity this man?”

In my father’s eulogy

And I said a thousand, thousand things about other things

But I would struggle to say the 800 words that each one

Must have had

As a name.