He Tried To Make Himself Lighter

As a child

My father’s body was always so heavy

When he fell out of the wheelchair

I tried to pick him up and I believed

I would find the strength somewhere inside

Because I watched too many cartoons in the 80’s

There was always some magic moment

When your raised a ring or a sword to the sky


And music played and you become something bigger than you were


And then you were someone new

And then you had the strength to do anything

But I never could lift him off the floor

And when I carried the casket with his body in it

Through the church, with my brother and my uncles

I knew how much the casket should weigh

And how much his body should weigh

And it was heavier than it should’ve been

My father was trying to help his whole life


To make himself lighter than he was



And I only knew when I carried his casket.


In Praise Of Emotional Weapons

I saved up a little today
Because I know I’ll need it
I was sad a moment today, when I had no right to be
Because I need something for later
I know a moment will come when I’m weak
When the nostalgia gun pushes against my lips
But I’ll open the one happy moment I saved today
And live to see tomorrow.