Iain S. Thomas is one of the world’s most popular writers and poets. He is an international number-one bestselling creator and author of numerous books and creative projects, with millions of fans and readers across the globe.

He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his family.

33 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. I wonder how you get in contact with him. The author of the book that caught my eye the other day. In a sense I found a new dream. To meet the author of this book. These beautifully written words.

  2. My daughter Madalynn turned me on to your poetry and books. She recited them to me way before I was able to actually read anything by you. You have inspired in us to share even more of our love for poetry and one another. Thank you.

  3. i have found salvation in your words, as i hope you have as well. you are not a poet. a poet is a trivial word, a poet is a person who makes things unknown, you do not do this, at least, not to me. you’ve been the lone harbinger of truth in a world of hedonism.

    you saved my life. please remember to save yourself.

    thank you.

  4. I went into our local bookstore the other day, not wanting or needing a book in particular. My boyfriend and I were waiting for our movie to start in the cinema across the way.
    There was a table of best sellers that we had stopped at and nothing was catching my eye until I saw “I Wrote This For You”. It looked like a journal. So I read the cover. And was starting to get chocked up. I turned to the Dedication page and by the end I was full out sobbing. I left the store with the book. I didn’t realize words from a stranger could have such an immense impact. Thank you.

  5. […] Iain Thomas, author of I Wrote This For You, shows us that as writers, we have the right to do what we please with language. I whole-heartedly agree. Thomas tells us that poetry belongs to the people who read it; and we can write and create about anything we want to because people have the power to name things; and it’s with our power to name things that things have power (“What’s in a name?”). […]

  6. I have read your 2 ‘I Wrote This for You’ books a few years back, when I was going through a rough time, and they really, and I mean really, changed my outlook on things. I began to cope by taking photos and writing poetry, and I still do. Everything about your books is beautiful, and inspiring, and it’s spoken from the soul. Thank you so much for making something so impactful.

  7. Im not sure if youll ever read this, and as an author this may or may not be what youd want to hear, but i guess this is my shout into the void. Similar to how most writers fill empty spaces with their words and throw them into the universe, hoping they get read, feeling a little less alone. I just finished writing my suicide letter before stumbling upon your book, How to be happy. To say that i felt a connection with you or that it saved me sounds cliche and maybe a bit pretentious. What I can say though is that it helped me realize within myself that i can hold on. And for that, i thank you.

  8. Hi, how can I buy the complete series of I wrote this for you book? I don’t want to have to buy separately… Thanks!

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