Creative Coaching

I get contacted a lot by writers and artists looking for advice. Often underneath the specifics of what they’re asking, are these questions:

How do I live a creative life that’s rewarding and allows me to pursue the things I want? How do I do more of what makes me happy? How do I find the space and energy, to create what I want to create? And how do I reach people in a meaningful way and find the audience I know is out there?

Unfortunately, I often don’t have time or capacity to help as much as I’d like to, beyond a few, one or two line responses and some encouraging sentiments.


I’ve been working on a non-fiction book for a while now about reaching people with work that matters, living a creative life, making space for creativity in your life, accessing that creativity, and finding purpose and meaning in a creative life.

I’m not just talking about being a creative professional, I’m talking about anyone who wants to rediscover their own creativity and talents – and I say rediscover because so much of our artistic instinct and creative skill is already in us, it’s just buried beneath the surface, or we’ve been told so often not to focus on it, that we forget its there.

I believe creativity is important for everyone. I believe creativity is to happiness, what push-ups and salad are to our health.

But it’s hard to find the time, energy, inspiration and more importantly, the discipline to make a creative, happy life a reality. Especially on your own without a sounding board, or any advice, or mentoring, or anyone to share your creative challenges with that really understands them and really listens.

Through a winding path, and after much trial and error, I’ve lived a creative life that’s paid all my bills for more than twenty years now, that’s allowed me to spend more time with my family and more time focused on making what matters. I’ve worked all over the world with designers, CEOs, illustrators, writers, artists, photographers, musicians and more to create impactful work that reaches people and won numerous awards and accolades in the process. I’ve worked on my own internationally recognised projects, written about a dozen books and sold literally truckloads of them, and I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to create things that resonate and move people.

And now I’d like to work with you.

I’d like to work with you on that one thing you’ve been meaning to make forever but haven’t found the time or the inspiration to make. I’d like to work with you on what you’re busy with, or what the universe is telling you that you should be busy with. And I’d like to make it the most important, incredible and life changing thing it can be.

For a limited time and with a -very limited- capacity, I will be your creative coach. Whether you’re trying to setup a more creative life that allows you to be more productive and access your creativity more often, or if you need help on a specific project – whether that’s the creation of the project, the execution or the marketing of that project, I will sit with you on Skype (or the platform of your choice) for an hour each week, review where you are, brainstorm with you and show you the way to reaching your creative and artistic goals.

I will be doing this while I work on my own projects, for a few hours each week and this will be on a trial basis to see if it works for both of us. After the trial ends and I’ve refined the process, I’ll be charging $200 an hour. But, as this is a trial, it currently costs $150 an hour.

Book your spot and start a conversation by sending me an introductory email, with your time zone and your availability, here

I’m excited to create something brave, meaningful, life-changing and impactful you. Let’s aim for the stars.

My best,

Iain S. Thomas

P.S. If you’re interested in working together as a group, with artists, writers and creative people at a similar level for a reduced rate, let me know in the email, along with your time zone and availability, and I’ll try and sort something out. This is great for anyone looking to create some kind of accountability for their projects, and peer review for their work outside of the hour with me.