Thank You For Your Support. Here’s A Free Book.

[Edit: The book is no longer available I’m afraid but is due for publication in mid-2016.]

Since I started writing I Wrote This For You in 2007, all I ever wanted was a chance to take what Jon and I were doing on the blog into the real world and turn it into something physical, something that could live next to someone’s bed or at the back of a bag, something that could be dog-eared and underlined and be given and received. Something that could be touched and loved.

At the end of 2011, that became a reality. I Wrote This For You, the book, has been and continues to be a remarkable success. Since then, we’ve done another two I Wrote This For You books, I Wrote This For You: Just The Words and I Wrote This For You And Only You. I wrote a science fiction novel called Intentional Dissonance, a short collection of poetry about the NSA and just this weekend, as you may know, a new collection of poetry and short stories that didn’t fit inside I Wrote This For You called How To Be Happy.

So, to say thank you for supporting me and for buying my books over the years, for sticking with me when I had a nervous breakdown and stopped writing, for just being you – I’m giving away a small book that I’ve had lurking around at the back of my hard drive for a while but only for the next 24 hours.

It’s called 300 Things and it’s a collection of things that I hope. Click here to download a free .pdf copy of it.

Thank you for your time. I know it’s valuable and I, again, sincerely thank you for choosing to spend it with me.

– Me


What is How To Be Happy?

How to be Happy is collection of short stories, prose and poems that I’ve written over the years that don’t fit inside I Wrote This For You, contained within a novel about being asked to write a book about, well, How To Be Happy.

It’s a book about a book about how to be happy, and a collection of short stories and poems.

I am the main character in it and it’s both completely true and utterly fiction.

You can read it to find out more about me. You can read it because you like my poems and short stories. You can read it to learn what I think the secret to happiness is.

Or you can read it to discover something else, which is what I was trying to do in the first place.

You can click here to buy it right now in print on or kindle.

How God Fell

God fell and broke his body on the mountains
and little pieces of him fell into some of us.
It’s either some part of God
or something wrong with my brain
that I’m trying to get out
and I think you either get it out
or you die
and it rises with your soul to the sky
where God is trying to put his body
back together.

Win Signed Copies Of My New Book

I’m incredibly proud to announce that my new collection of poetry and short stories, How To Be Happy, is now available at Barnes & Noble.
To celebrate, I’ll be randomly sending out a signed copy once a week for the next few weeks. Take a selfie with the book at Barnes & Noble to enter.
If you include a note about what makes you happy in the picture, I’ll count it as two entries.
Enter and tag me or let me know on Instagram, twitter or Facebook.
P.S. Thank you to everyone who’s already purchased it, it’s quite a personal collection of work and I’m never sure how something I do will be received. The fact that it’s resonated with some people means a lot and it’s the reason I write: It makes me feel less alone.
Thank you.