I Found You – My Books.

I can’t believe you’re finally here. I’ve been looking for you for so long, sometimes I forgot I was looking. Sometimes I forgot why I was here. But now you and me, we’re both here, in the same time and in the same place, and I can finally tell you everything I’ve always wanted to tell you.



In 2013, my depression overwhelmed me and caused me to stop writing. From the outside, I had an enviable life. I was a #1 bestselling writer, I’d met the woman of my dreams and I was surrounded by people who told me they loved me. But depression doesn’t care about what you’ve accomplished or who loves you. I found a way back and I wrote down some of the conversations I had with myself and others along the way here. There are a lot of things I still can’t say, either to myself or others, but I’ve written most of it down in here, and that’s something. It’s real, and I’m holding it in my hands, and soon, you can too. Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around along the way.

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Andrews McMeel

Order I Wrote This For You31bqtupz9tl._sx321_bo1,204,203,200_

“I need you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you. Everyone else who reads it, doesn’t get it.”

Started 2007, I Wrote This For You is an acclaimed exploration of hauntingly beautiful words, photography and emotion that’s unique to each person who reads it. This internationally best-selling book gathers together nearly 200 of the most beautiful entries into four distinct chapters; Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain. Together with several new and exclusive poems that don’t appear anywhere else, each chapter of I Wrote This For You focuses on a different facet of life, love, loss, beginnings and endings.

This is the first collection of the best photography and prose of I Wrote This For You, from the blog’s inception in 2007 to 2011.* Click here to order it now. You can also order it in Portuguese and Spanish.

Order I Wrote This For You And Only You 41--p8qfrvl._sx322_bo1,204,203,200_
The follow-up to the international #1 bestselling collection of prose and photography, I Wrote This For You And Only is the second book in the I Wrote This For You series and gathers together the very best entries in the project from 2011 to 2015.* Click here to order it now.

Order I Wrote This For You: Just The Words41kkokf-sxl._sx322_bo1,204,203,200_

I Wrote This For You: Just The Words was published in 2013 and contains 400 (around twice as much as the other books) of the best poems from I Wrote This For You but none of the photography. We created it as a less-expensive alternative to the other books that have full colour photography throughout, and it contains some of the poetry found in both of the other books. Click here to order it now.

Order I Wrote This For You: 2007 – 201741zn82v+y1l._sx351_bo1,204,203,200_

10 years later, we looked back. This is the collector’s edition of pretty much everything we’ve made since we started in 2007, in beautiful hardcover with full colour photography and reedited. Click here to order it now.

Order Intentional Dissonance41vk2kpzfxl._sx331_bo1,204,203,200_

“It’s been 10 years since the world officially ended. In the last city on Earth, Jon Salt is addicted to Sadness, a drug that invokes its name, and obsessed with his lover, Michelle; both of which threaten to drive him insane. Strange creatures and new technologies appeared in the last days of humanity and the widespread adoption of teleportation technology sundered the fabric of time and space, leaving a smattering of looping ghosts. It is a sad, monotone world, but the remaining populace is happy, thanks to the anti-depressants in the water supply. The last government on Earth has taken a special interest in a gift that Jon possesses: the ability to make his thoughts real. Jon must rely on that gift and the help of a few unlikely friends to stay one step ahead of those who desperately want to use him for something far more sinister than even he could dream…”

This is my first and currently only novel. Click here to order it now.

Order 25 Love Poems For The NSA51qeeln9xal

Created in response to the information exposed by Edward Snowden, this short ebook contains 25 poems created using words that the NSA flags and tracks in email communication. Click here to order it.

Order 300 Things I Hope51l4tiey-kl

This is a list of 300 things I hope for you, without ever having met you. Click here to order it now.

Order I Am Incomplete Without You 51c7t-cpchl._sx331_bo1,204,203,200_

“By the best-selling author of I Wrote This For You, I Am Incomplete Without You is a series of poetry prompts in the form of questions, suggestions and invitations to imagine different scenarios. It is a creative conversation with yourself, a doorway to your artistic side and a way to explore your feelings about life, death, love, loss, regret, hope, the past and the future.

Each prompt is the beginning of a different journey and where you go is entirely up to you.”

This is collection of poetry prompts and creative questions designed to inspire you to write your own prose, as a starting a point for when you don’t know where to start. Click here to order it now.

Order How To Be Happy: Not A Self-Help Book 51ax5vmgail._sx350_bo1,204,203,200_

“Central Avenue Publishing is proud to publish another book by the widely acclaimed poet Iain S. Thomas. As many have noted on various social media platforms, there have been some issues that have led to the delayed release of this book. For this, we apologise and hopefully the content of the book will clarify the circumstances surrounding this delay. We feel we should also point out that this is not technically a self-help book, but it does contain some poignant prose, poetry and stories which may or may not lead you to happiness. Mostly, it is the rather unfortunate chronicle of a man’s attempt to write the book he’s promised his publisher, no matter the cost to his sanity.”

How to be happy is a collection of poetry, prose and short stories set within the context of my attempt (and failure) at writing a self-help book on being happy. Click here to order it now.

Order [Dis]connected 


Disconnected is a collection of prose, drawings and short stories created by some of today’s most compelling and successful poets and writers, including myself. Click here to order it now.

8 thoughts on “I Found You – My Books.”

  1. My Dearest K,

    I have been found in the midst of another’s words, amongst variable forms of having such heavy desire to be noticed; please notice me, please find me – please come home to me. The spilled ink on these well organized pages substitutes my grief of feeling disorganized since you’ve left – subtle passages holding the heavy need for their person (you are my person) to make their way back [to them]. These series have become my voice that was lost while screaming your name out to this unfamiliar world – do you hear me? If you find this, please know that I love you.

    Love always, Your E xoxo

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