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Iain S. Thomas is the #1 bestselling author of I Wrote This For You, Intentional Dissonance, 25 Love Poems For The NSA, How To Be Happy and other books. He wrote his first book, Ignite, at the age of 23 for the Markham clothing store. It won the Grand Prix at the First Paper House Art Of Design Awards and a gold craft award for copywriting at the national design/advertising awards (The Loeries). He has more than 20 local and international awards.

As a creative director, he’s a champion for innovative design and communication for his clients which have included Nike, Levi’s, Johnny Walker, The Design Indaba, MTN, apple and many more, from Los Angeles, to Amsterdam, to Johannesburg, to Cape Town. His work has spanned everything from monuments to biodegradable posters.

In 2009, for his work as the author of the art/photography project “I Wrote This For You”, he was voted one of the top 5 finalists in the world in the “Best Blogger To Follow” category on mashable.com under his online pseudonym, pleasefindthis.

The project, which has proven incredibly popular across the world and gone on to become a best selling book, has also afforded him numerous exciting opportunities, including an invitation to dinner with the US Ambassador to South Africa, Donald Gipps as a consultant on digital development within South Africa, and a speaking spot at TEDx Johannesburg.

Through the project, he was also able to have skateboards delivered to The Uganda Skateboard Union on behalf of Stacy Peralta, director of Dogtown And Z-Boys and Riding Giants and he’s previously acted as a creative consultant to Brian Wayne Transeau or “BT” (whose previous collaborators include Peter Gabriel, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and David Bowie, amongst others) on his last album, If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You And I.

His work can be found in The Rand Daily Mail, Subtraction by Mathew E. May, Thrive by Arianna Huffington, Communication Arts, Design Indaba Magazine, Ad Vantage Magazine, bestadsontv.com, Contagious Magazine, Archive, The University of Pretoria’s Permanent Design Collection, X-ings: Shaping Culture Through Design Exhibition, The United Nations Gallery of Sustainable Communication, TEDx, Heso Magazine (Japan) and http://www.inpursuitofelegance.com

When not busy with a new book, he still occasionally works with a select group of clients and regularly writes for The Huffington Post on poetry, creativity and life.

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  2. never to late for that long walk on the beach saying hello while looking at the stars.

  3. I wonder how you get in contact with him. The author of the book that caught my eye the other day. In a sense I found a new dream. To meet the author of this book. These beautifully written words.

  4. Love

  5. […] IAIN THOMAS author of How To Be Happy, recommends Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett.  […]

  6. My daughter Madalynn shared all of your books with me by reciting most of it before I read some. Thank you.

  7. My daughter Madalynn turned me on to your poetry and books. She recited them to me way before I was able to actually read anything by you. You have inspired in us to share even more of our love for poetry and one another. Thank you.

  8. i have found salvation in your words, as i hope you have as well. you are not a poet. a poet is a trivial word, a poet is a person who makes things unknown, you do not do this, at least, not to me. you’ve been the lone harbinger of truth in a world of hedonism.

    you saved my life. please remember to save yourself.

    thank you.

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  12. […] I hope that if you ever do actually fall apart, you only ever lose the pieces of yourself you didn’t want anymore. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  13. […] I hope you notice little changes. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  14. […] I hope you think big thoughts when you look at the stars. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  15. […] I hope you put on a one-act play in front of a security camera at a shopping mall. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  16. […] I hope you have the strength of character to recognise when you’re right. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  17. […] I hope after a fight, you go over it in your head, and apologise for the things you didn’t mean. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  18. […] I hope people get you blank books for Christmas every year because you’re always filling them with ideas. – From 300things by Iain S Thomas (https://iainsthomas.com/about/) […]

  19. […] the holidays. At times like this, let us be reminded of the encouraging words of author and poet Iain S. Thomas, “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the […]

  20. I was so captivated by your words.

    Thank you.

  21. I went into our local bookstore the other day, not wanting or needing a book in particular. My boyfriend and I were waiting for our movie to start in the cinema across the way.
    There was a table of best sellers that we had stopped at and nothing was catching my eye until I saw “I Wrote This For You”. It looked like a journal. So I read the cover. And was starting to get chocked up. I turned to the Dedication page and by the end I was full out sobbing. I left the store with the book. I didn’t realize words from a stranger could have such an immense impact. Thank you.

  22. […] Iain Thomas, author of I Wrote This For You, shows us that as writers, we have the right to do what we please with language. I whole-heartedly agree. Thomas tells us that poetry belongs to the people who read it; and we can write and create about anything we want to because people have the power to name things; and it’s with our power to name things that things have power (“What’s in a name?”). […]

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