Darling, I’m Drunk

I’ve read every book in this house
Listened to every song
I’ve played all these games before
And I don’t have the guts to start
Building a model ship without you

If there’s something in this house
That’ll make me happy
Without you
I haven’t found it yet

And every stranger at the mall
Looks at me and asks

“Who are you missing? Why are you here?”

And I wish there was a way to eat alone, with other people, without them seeing you.

And when you drink whiskey out the bottle, the hill you’re standing on gets steeper.

I wrote down a sentence
“A poem is just a song you don’t sing,”
And I think I’ll make that one a song
And I wish I could tell you that in person

There’s snow on the mountains
It’s beautiful, crisp and sunny in Cape Town

I hope it’s better in New York.

3 thoughts on “Darling, I’m Drunk”

  1. Wow. Don’t know anything about you as a person. You could be an angel or a monster, or both.
    But your writing is brilliant. Flawless.

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