20 Things You Won’t Believe This Poem Did Next

You will not lose weight with this one weird old tip.

You will not meet singles in your area.

A little girl with cancer was not saved by an injection of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Beyonce is not fucking the president.

Other people do not hate him.

You will not win a free iPad.

You are not the one millionth viewer of this website.

None of these 12 movies that were nearly made would’ve been good.

Your computer is not running slow.

You can’t make this much money from home.

15 minutes is not all you need.

What’s on your mind isn’t worth posting.

No one is giving away free watches.

You will need your credit card.

This will not improve your life, right now.

This is not something you can do today to make people like you.

There is no miracle food.

Stop looking at pictures of fat celebrities.

The world is beautiful but the people who live in it will lie to you.

Live with truth and meaning and don’t be distracted by anything else.


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