More Horrible Poetry

Write poetry.

Because even the worst, most obliviously sentimental and sincere poem by a love-sick 13 year old is more beautiful than the best tax return ever filed.

Because even if it’s horrible, it’s still poetry.

Write poetry.

Because it is an excellent way to capitalise on your overwhelming feelings of alienation and isolation.

Because poetry makes way more than money, poetry makes life.

Write poetry.

Because poetry will capture the moments you truly live with the accuracy that only words have and the depth and vibrant, explosive colours that seep from your heart.

Because poetry keeps better time than your father’s watch.

Write poetry.

Because everyone else will roll their eyes at it and will do their best to not bring it up in polite conversation.

Because no one else is writing poetry.

Write poetry.

Because when those same people lose loved ones or go to war, they will need things to whisper over the soil or engrave on their zippos.

Because poetry is love, war, tragedy and strength.

Write poetry.

Then write more poetry.

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