A Tiny Hole In The Heart

You just take the human heart and you click back the cover.

Underneath the cover, next to the battery is a tiny hole the size of the universe.

You take a paperclip and you straighten it out, like someone you love would help straighten you out.

You push it through your soul first and remember that you’re piercing it to remind yourself to feel.

Then you push the paperclip into the tiny hole the size of the universe.

You wait until all the stars blink three times.

You keep holding it all in and holding it all down until you hear a beep.

And that’s how you reset the human heart.

1 thought on “A Tiny Hole In The Heart”

  1. Lovely, and all the more thought-provoking in your deliberate style. Swept away on the wings of that vision, I remembered mine too oft is shattered in a thousand pieces, a jigsaw puzzle I’ve not appetite for…mebbe the reset can still work with a more capable hand. Thanks for sharing.

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