It’s the future
But we haven’t worked out a way to move ourselves out of our bodies
So I’m still a little sad

I’m going to listen to everyone patiently today
And be kind and gentle and wise when they’re quiet
And make people smile every chance I get
And try to be stronger than I am

I still don’t know how you sat at the backdoor
And looked out at the backyard like it was endless
How you’d love the three of us
In the different ways we needed to be loved

I just remember how you’d sit in the light in a comfortable silence
I don’t remember all the jokes but that’s ok
I still remember how you’d laugh
And what that sounded like

I’ll take the roof off the car later
And drive somewhere nice

You’ve been gone a year now
But I’m going to spend today with you

I’ll be a better, stronger man tomorrow
Just not today

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