Red Caps


Red Caps




Our art isn’t good enough.

We call on the current artist community to resign

So that new artists can take their place.

Who will be Leonard Cohen now?

Who will be Billie Holiday now?

Who will be Maya Angelou now?

Who will you be?

In the face of the red cap.

In the face of the red arm band.




You’ve got to remember,

We’ve always been fighting.

This isn’t anything new.

We just won a battle and we rested for a while.

But we got complacent.

And now they’re back.

With their red caps.

With their red arm bands.




“Who’s going to publically shame you in a voting booth?”

“Your choice to be offended is a fashion choice.”

I’m just existing, so to stop offending you, I need to stop existing.

Do you want to stop me from existing?

How would you stop me?

With your hands around my neck?

With a rope over a tree?

Tied to a fence and not found for days?

Strapped to a bed, with electricity running through me?

Would you send me home in a bag?

Would my mother recognise my face once you were done with me?

How would you stop me from offending you?

With your red cap.

With your red arm band.

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