This Is True

Untitled_Artwork 39.jpgI have gone on twitter and made the mistake of scrolling down a little bit further than I should’ve because that’s that’s when the anger starts, and that’s what the machine does, it makes us angry. And who am I to question that anger? Anger is what changes the world isn’t it? But all I know is that I don’t want this feeling in my chest today.

I just want to make something beautiful and real and honest. This has always been about trying to be honest for me and the most beautiful things are the most honest. And I find if I scroll down anything too far, I get sucked into another world and I start to ask the wrong questions, “Am I writing the right things?” or “Is this what people want to hear?” Instead of the only question that matters –

“Is this true?”

Every good thing I’ve ever written has come from that place. The world is frustrating and I am struggling to remain a whole and good person in it. This is true. I am a parent and like all parents, I constantly questions whether I am doing the right thing. This is true. I am not always sure what I’m doing with my life but I worry that if I don’t project an aura of authority and confidence, the things I want to happen won’t happen. This is true.

If you are a creative person that would be my only advice for you today: Ask yourself: what is true, and what is everyone too afraid to talk about? Listen for the answer and then go and make something that matters. It will resonate and it will touch people. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me yesterday and made the day feel a little less lonely, I appreciate each and every one of you.

This is true.

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