Recipe One – Someone Who Misses You

Using the artificial intelligence GPT-3, I have created the first recipe (or prompt) in a series of recipes based around different abstract personalities. This is the output of that recipe called, Someone Who Misses You. GPT-3 wrote this, based off my recipe. When you purchase this, you are purchasing the video, and the recipe as a text file. Each time any AI similar to GPT-3 is shown the recipe, it will generate infinite variations.

I’m selling the video and stills, and the recipe as green NFTs (it uses the same amount of energy as a tweet) on Hic Et Nunc – the winning bidder will receive the video, and a text file containing the recipe, which they would be able to use on GPT3 or any other advanced AI to generate infinite responses similar to this one.

They are free to publish the recipe or keep it for themselves. If they sell the NFT, it will be up to them whether or not they share they share the original recipe.

I will included other variations below for sale as stills depending on the success of this.

Thank you for your time,

Iain S. Thomas

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