I Wrote This For You, Wherever You Are


We have some incredibly exciting news.

The I Wrote This For You books are now being published by Andrews McMeel, the same publisher as Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav, Amanda Lovelace and many, many more incredible poets. This means that I Wrote This For You, I Wrote This For You And Only You, I Wrote This For You: Just The Words and I Wrote This For You: 2007 – 2017 will all be available in more places across the globe. I have it on good authority that even here, on the tip of Africa where I live, stores have already ordered in excess of 2000 copies. That means that whether you’re in the Philippines, or England, or anywhere else, it should soon be easier than ever to find these books, for yourself or for a friend. I’d like to thank Kirsty, Allison, Holly and everyone else at Andrews McMeel for their hard work in putting this all together. You should also keep in mind that if you do manage to find an I Wrote This For You book with Central Avenue down the side, that’s about to become a collector’s item. Michelle and the team there helped us get to where we are today and I am forever thankful for her hard work and dedication.

I can’t wait for you to see the new books, thank you for reading and for being you,




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A Simple Fight

First I faced the giant

that keeps me in bed

and even though I spent the night

fighting to get to sleep

I fought him too

and I won.


Then I faced the feeling

that no matter what I wore

I wouldn’t like who I saw in the mirror

but I fought that feeling too

and I won.


Then I wrapped my fists up

because no matter where I go

I’ll feel like I don’t belong there

So I had to fight that too.

but I did and I won.


So when I get here

to the front of the line

and I can see you think

I looked tired

I need you to understand:


You do not know what I faced

before I faced you this morning.


And whatever happens after you,

I’ll beat that too.


Because I fight every single day.


And every single day, I have to win.